Victims and Villains

One thing that I hope I have done a good job at, has been shedding light on the real perversion and the magnitude of depression and what it does to your life and the ones around you. There are plenty of times where we feel isolated and separated from the world because of our depression. Whether it be, because of the culture or the lifestyle we choose to live or the shear panic of rejection by the people around us. Depression can hit in all shapes, sizes and forms. There is no protocol that depression follows. It has its own agenda.

That’s where the internet and social media has helped change the world. The simple fact that it allows people to connect to others that they might not get the chance or would be able to connect to someone else. There are organizations all over the Web and around the world that have dedicated their sole purpose of helping anyone who fights depression.

Then, there is Victims and Villains

Victims and Villains. A podcast where Nerd culture meets suicide prevention. Come talk nerd and talk hope with us. This is your invitation. We’re on itunes. And check out our network,

Victims and Villains is a podcast that combines nerd culture and news with suicide prevention. Started in late May of this past year, the show was the brain child of two best friends who wanted to just talk nerd. After doing it for a few months, a spark was created to reach the comic con culture. Not just to talk nerd but to talk hope with a culture that reads, watches or plays to escape. This podcast is set up to talk the reality and depth of depression, yet offer hope and friendship to any and all listening to the show.

Here is their latest episode.

Every Friday at 6:00 pm Eastern Standard time they have a segment running about depression and personal accounts of battling it. I have had the great honour to be approached by the Show and asked if I would contribute to an ongoing segment that the podcast has been running.

Tonight at 6:00 pm Eastern standard time, a new episode will be aired, in which I will tell my story of depression. I have been very humbled by this process and have had great healing through this. I urge everyone to listen to the podcast tonight and follow Victims and Villains on Facebook and on their Website, listed above.

Thank you once again for reading. Please tune in tonight to hear me get personal. And please if you or anyone you know struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts, please do not be afraid to seek help.


Don’t let me Drown.


I’ve come to terms that just because the current state of a situation is unsettling to me, does not mean, that will be the lasting state of the situation. I push you like I’m fighting against the raging waves of the ocean. You do the same thing as the ocean, you push back, leaving me drowning under the unknowns of this situation. All I ask of you is one simple thing.

Don’t let me Drown.