Unconditional Me

Today is August 14th 2016. This last year has been insane. Started off the year on high hopes to moving to where the love of my life lived. Unfortunately plans do not always work out as we wish. Sometimes these plans must be put on hold. Just because the plan are on hold, does not me the plans are cancelled. The deeper truth of the matter is, when you have such a deep dark hatred for your self, it fuels so many different emotions not just anger. Bitterness, jealousy, impatience, depression, self righteousness. and so many more. You start to think things that in all logical and rational manner, just would not make sense. You believe the people who love you the most are against you. You feel alone because you make your self alone. When you hate your self so much, it is impossible to love someone else, the way they deserve. It’s a hard truth to admit.

Love starts within. Love is shown through your actions, your words, and your ability to forgive and to become unconditional. The problem is, you can’t only have unconditional love for your partner, but for yourself, for your friends, for your neighbors, for strangers, and most importantly,


I say these things because, it is the Truth that I am walking through at this moment. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn to ove myself more.


Author: TheTLiske

27-Chiari Malformation- Video Games- And the Nerd Universe

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