Sincerely, Someone

Dear Someone I still Love,

Knowing that I am allowed to stay connected with you and see the struggles and the crap you are dealing with, kills me.However, I have no indication of subject matter of what is wrong or why you are depressed, I have assumptions. So  The fact that I feel if I like a status, or comment to simply question whats wrong or to make sure you are okay, its not okay.

My feelings run deeper then any Ocean we have found/ I cant simply, just stop caring and stop worrying. I invested more time into you then a softball players invests time in her swing..

This isn’t without saying that I don’t know my faults that I created and caused to happen.

By isolating myself and my emotions from you I made this happened. I will accept that.

I know now the things to do different. I know now I have to listen to the word space, I know now that if I say there will be change, there better be change.

Remember you always told me, Pain demands to be felt. Well my pain is demanding it now.


Someone You Still Love.


P.S. We can make this right.


Author: TheTLiske

27-Chiari Malformation- Video Games- And the Nerd Universe

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