Pressing Repeat.

Today, I heard your voice for the first time in 4 months. I didn’t know what I stumbled on when I saw the video. With those deep brown eyes, that pierced the very essecence of my being, gazing lovingly at me, through a screen seperated by time and space. My heart sank with a ten pound weight attached to it. The moment I heard your voice, the goosebumps returned. Those same goosebumps, the familiar feeling, and the same smile the first time I laid eyes on you. The simple words of “I Love you babe” resonate through my mind, etching a permanent recording for my safe keeping. Your beautiful hair, lightly brushing your brow, swaying with the rhythm of your speech. The rhythm you filled me with. Your smile pieced together every bit of the broken shambles I am standing in. I knew I should not have pressed  play, but it’s funny, I couldn’t stop myself from pressing repeat. 


Author: TheTLiske

27-Chiari Malformation- Video Games- And the Nerd Universe

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