Chronic Illness

When you are in the position that I am in, of suffering with a chronic illness, there are so many things that change in your life.

Before Chronic Illness

Life was at your disposal. Anything was possible. Wanted to bungee jump? You could. Want to run a marathon? Sure! Want to join the Military or the Police force? Go Ahead! Plans were simple, situations made sense, you could go out in the heat no matter what.

After Chronic Illness

Everything changes. Certain activities become impossible to do. It is hard to have the energy to get up and be productive on a daily basis. It goes on forever, chronic pain and chronic illness stays with you. You have to cancel plans regularly. People stop hanging out with you, because you always have to cancel on them. People tend to think you are faking your illness when they don’t understand what Chronic means.

Accepting the Chronic Illness

At one point in your journey, you have to accept the fact there are things you cannot control. You have to accept the fact that you hurt every day, you may have a good day here and there, but at any point it could change.


But the most important thing about Chronic Illness is.



Author: TheTLiske

27-Chiari Malformation- Video Games- And the Nerd Universe

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