11 months

11 months

Silently I sit, in the midst of the storm that left me sundered. Perplexed by sudden arrival of your departure. For months on end, the horizon was crystal clear.Time was spent, hours on in, growing, learning, teaching, and enjoying the presence that was provided. Emotions thrived and there were times, I started to believe we were one.  As time went on, the rain began to settle in. When it rains, I always forget to bring my umbrella. Ugly situations emerged pushing me to my limits breaking me down further than I’ve ever been broken before. My life was changed, sporadically i was left shaken. My anger built up, like the smoke flowing from a gnarling dragons nostrils. I lashed out, leaving my loved ones limping from the emotional scars. Then you vanished. Like a thief into the night. My heart in your hand. With no word, with no trace. With no reason for me to understand. I know that I should leave well enough alone. The idea of space is a foreign concept, one that I desire to understand. As you helped me grow and taught me, I am still learning and I am still growing. The 4 months of hurt will never overwhelm the 11 months of love.

Does this Have to be the end?


Author: TheTLiske

27-Chiari Malformation- Video Games- And the Nerd Universe

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